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Cruz Novillo: Logos

Although the focus is on Cruz Novillo’s logos, he found recognition in a varied career as an artist, sculptor, graphic designer, publisher, and illustrator. Born José María Cruz Novillo in Cuenca, central Spain, in 1936, Cruz Novillo first studied law before, in 1957, beginning a career as a cartoonist at Clarín Advertising in Madrid. Shortly [...]

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How to paint fantasy beasts

Once you've come up with an idea for a fantasy creature, the next step is to bring it to life by painting it with believable colours and textures. Here are our workflow tips for painting creatures in pencil and watercolour. If you're having trouble coming up with ideas, take a look at our guide to designing [...]

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13 best SketchUp textures

Free 3D drawing software SketchUp is pretty straightforward to use, but with the right textures you can create impressive 3D art. The tool makes it easy to import SketchUp textures and modify them with its editing tools. You can even use Photoshop within the program to create the exact look you require.SketchUp supports pretty much [...]

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31 Premium Brochure Templates (Booklets and Tri-Folds)

Your business needs a brochure, but which should you choose? Check out these premium templates from Envato Market.31 Premium Brochure TemplatesThink of a brochure as an extension of your sales team. It lets customers know more about your product or service without any extra fuss.So make the right impression with a professional brochure. Today, we [...]

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HOW Logo Awards winners

Troll The client name, Felix Trolldenier, was unusual. What seemed to him like a disadvantage, seemed to the designers at Pacifica to give added value. They abbreviated the name and used typography as a figurative element, giving it personality and expression. “A logo that is reactive, moody and charismatic. From the use of motion capture [...]

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Learn to code in 2017 with this course bundle deal

For today's daily deal, we've got you a great discount on a bundle of courses that will teach you coding skills. And if you're after more amazing deals for designers, illustrators, artists and more, bookmark our Best Black Friday deals 2017 page.Knowing how to code is becoming an essential skill for all sorts of professions, [...]

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Catch up with Adobe's #RoadtoMAX17 artists

Last Sunday, Rich McCor, Thomas Kakareko and Nathalie Geffroy touched down in Los Angeles ready to set off on an epic road trip across America, courtesy of Adobe. We're now a week into #RoadtoMAX17, and what a week it has been!On Monday the trip kicked off in style, with the group rising early to catch [...]

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UK top 50 studios 2017

Earlier this year, Computer Arts magazine polled over 80 top creative directors, studio founders and design course leaders from across the UK to discover which industry peers they most revere and respect, to produce its annual UK Top 50 studio rankings. Now in its fourth year, this list is all about peer reputation – regardless of [...]

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5 design industry trends that students need to know about

Whatever design course you’re on, you’ve probably noticed it’s a little behind the times. And to a certain extent, that’s unavoidable. From a practical point of view, it takes some time to put together a workable syllabus, and when it comes to updating it, the gears of university bureaucracy tend to grind slowly.And actually, there’s [...]

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Art Therapy: How to Draw a Mandala

What You'll Be CreatingIntricate geometric compositions created on a base of a circle, known as mandalas, have a deep spiritual meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism. They represent the whole of the universe, and they can be used as an exercise or for meditation. Recently, the basic idea of drawing a radial pattern has been also [...]

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