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Pinterest's new logo says goodbye to script text

Since 2010 Pinterest has been helping other people to discover the things they love, but it appears the catalogue of ideas has decided to focus on itself for a change as it settles on a new wordmark.That's right, the platform preferred by craft-lovers has retired its distinctive script font in favour of an altogether more [...]

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How to craft a standout portfolio

Portfolios are for life, not just for internships. Throughout your career, your design portfolio is a vital tool in winning better jobs and new freelance contracts. But talented creatives often fail to capitalise on these opportunities by neglecting to raise their portfolio to the right level. Whether you’re a student looking for your first gig, a [...]

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How to design the perfect book cover

Self-publishing accounts for 22 per cent of the UK ebook market and is continuing to grow, meaning authors are increasingly liaising directly with designers to achieve the finished look for their manuscripts.  22 free ebooks for designers With so many books hitting the market, a striking cover can make the difference between a hit and [...]

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How to create better wireframes

Wireframes are a necessary part of the web design process. Acting like blueprints for web and app projects, they help you discover early on what works and what doesn't, and allow you to set the content and focus without the distraction of a flashy design. Are microframes the future of wireframing? When done well, wireframes [...]

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Daniela Forti Creates Incredible Glass Jellyfish Tables

If your house or appartment is small and you have children, then you probably don’t want to get one of Daniela Forti’s tables. Obviously, these are not the most practical tables you’ll find, but they are truly work of beauty. Created using a glass-fusion technique, Forti’s tables litteraly look like jellyfish, dripping with glass tentacles. [...]

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7 ways to improve teamwork with design

Building a product is a lot like putting together a puzzle with a group: lots of pieces that all need to come together, and the more hands involved, the trickier it is to make everything fit just right.Communication and teamwork take effort and planning. Ideally, a productive team consists of productive individuals, but that's not [...]

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How to Draw a Flat Designer Character in Adobe Illustrator

What You'll Be CreatingIn this tutorial we’ll be creating a designer character at work, sitting at his desk and drawing on a tablet. In order to maintain a trendy flat style, we’ll be using a lot of basic geometric shapes, combining and transforming them with the help of Warp Effects, Pathfinder panel, Shape Builder Tool [...]

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How to Model a Low Poly Wolf in Cinema 4D: Part 1

What You'll Be CreatingFollow this tutorial step-by-step to create a low poly wolf model that you can use in video games, graphic design and illustration projects whilst learning Cinema 4D quickly. Some of the skills you'll learn in this tutorial include creating basic 3D modelling, importing reference images, adding lighting to the scene and basic rendering techniques.In this, the [...]

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